yeah. i'm a 5 and only sometimes i can fit a 6 where did you get your boots from?

I have like 3 pairs of ankle boots lmao but I have black ones from Aeropostale the Bethany nota line,f21 and my tan ones from Charlotte!

Charlotte has the cutest ones tbh

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you should have an about me page!

Omg I totally would!! But I don’t want people from my school finding out about my blog bc there’s so many fan girls at my school it scares me so sorry if u think I’m boring I don’t want those shitheads to find me

do you have small feet?? because i'm like the same height as you and can never find cute shoes //:

Omg yeah depending on what shoe I get and where I’m from a 5-6 lmao


That would look super cute! I'm really short, too, and I love wearing things like that

Aw ok omg ty

Wow so I’m 4”11 and would it be weird if I wore an oversized shirt with leggings and ankle boots????

Will that make my legs look shorter lmao

x / x